Relocation Assistance

We have a host of free resources and services that can help make your move less stressful

I whole-heartedly recommend the Commuter Connection to any company relocating to downtown Minneapolis. Working with them provided our people with the information they needed to make transportation decisions, saved me from calling multiple vendors and allowed Eide Bailly to capitalize on the Commuter Connection’s relationships.
Amy M. – Eide Bailly LLP

Commuter Choice Plan

Creating a commuter choice plan before you move can help employees prepare for the move and reduce stress associated with the unknown. A commuter choice plan recognizes that employees have different lifestyles and priorities and that their commuting choices will reflect this diversity. A typical plan will include the following benefits and incentives:

Pre-tax Options for Transit Pass, Carpool, & Parking Costs: The IRS allows employees to pay for transit passes, carpool expenses and parking costs with pre-tax dollars. A pre-tax plan not only saves employees up to 35% on transportation costs, but also reduces employer payroll tax obligations.

Metropass: This is a discount transit pass program offered by Metro Transit to employers. When combined with a pre-tax plan, Metropass can save transit users over $600 a year in transit costs.


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