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Commuter Connection In Store Products & Services

The Commuter Connection store offers services and products to make your commute into downtown Minneapolis more enjoyable. We’re here to help guide you through the options to select programs and services that make the most sense for your life.

Carpool Information and Verification

The new carpool system has all information online including ramps with discount parking, how to find people in your neighborhood to carpool with, and the registration form to sign your group up for carpool.  We are happy to answer any questions about the new system and serve as a location to verify your carpool members and pick up your carpool ramp pass. Payments can be made online or at the ramp your carpool parks.

Carpool Information and Registration


Commuter Connection is pleased to offer MnPASS. If you drive alone and want a convenient and predictable travel option, why not open a MnPASS account and start using MnPASS Express Lanes? These lanes help maintain traffic flow, reduce congestion and give drivers a safe, reliable commute when they pay an electronic fee.

By registering for MnPASS at Commuter Connection, you are able walk out with your transponder and start using MnPASS Express Lanes that same day. In person registration for MnPass at Commuter Connection takes about 5 minutes.

Information on how MnPASS works and where MnPASS Express Lanes are located is available online at www.MnPASS.org.

Bicycle Commuting Accessories

Make safety and style a priority for your bicycle commute!  Commuter Connection carries a full line of specialty bicycle accessories from small companies that make quality products. Whether you need a light, helmet or a patch kit, we have you covered.

Metropass Pictures

We offer a free photo service to employers who sign up for the Metropass program. Simply stop by our store and we will take care of the rest.

Transit Schedules & Area Maps

We carry all of the transit schedules for all bus routes and rail lines in the metro area. Online schedules are available at metrotransit.org. We also carry bike maps, skyway map, and other maps to help you navigate and enjoy Minneapolis.

Transit Passes

We sell Go-To cards and Metro Mobility tickets at our location. We are pleased to accept cash, credit cards, commuter checks, and checks.

Commute Planning

Does your commute require more than just a bus, train, or park and ride? Let us help you personalize your commute mix to get in to work and back home with ease using transit, biking, walking, or rideshare.

For assistance planning your commute using transit only, Metro Transit has a great program online called Trip Planner. Trip Planner will show you several options and even plan the return trip so you can print it out on one piece of paper. If you would like to speak to a Metro Transit Trip Planner specialist, call (612) 373-3333.


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